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About Us

Mind’s Eye is the product of a century-old tradition of caring for our clients and their treasured belongings. Caring for your portraits, prints, vases, sculptures, furniture, and other exquisite heirlooms is a job that we take most seriously. Our professional staff works tirelessly to exceed your expectations. Expertise You Can Trust. Imagine That.

Imagine Mind's Eye Corporation

Jerome Maligne
Jerome Malinge oversees the repairs and refinishing branch of the company, conducting inspections, performing and supervising repairs and refinishing work.

Jerome got his start working in the furniture field at the age of 16 in his native France. He began his career in a small workshop that built custom furniture, custom kitchens, and restoring and refinishing antique furniture. From there he was hired by a bigger shop and was responsible for managing production on larger projects, building and installing furniture, displays and fixtures for such luxury brands as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix.

Jerome then went to achieve a mastery in fine furniture production and carpentry and began teaching Woodworking and Computer Aided Design at the University level for 5 years in France.

Upon moving to America, Jerome decided to continue his woodworking career by taking a position in a small shop, beginning with stripping furniture and quickly moving up the ranks into the custom furniture and refinishing end of the business. He eventually moved on and with a partner, started and ran a successful custom furniture repair, refinishing and restoration company for over 10 years.

Jerome has now been tasked with bringing his experience and skill set to Mind’s Eye. Working with the team here to lend his knowledge and expertise to grow and develop the claims management, repair and refinishing branch of Mind’s Eye.


Imagine Mind's Eye Corporation

Jen Babcock

Jennifer Babcock serves as the executive assistant at Mind’s Eye. Jennifer is the go-to person for all our clients, handling each phone call and every email. Whether it’s an inquiry about furniture restoration, packing and custom crating of your valuables or moving your fine art and antiquities, Jennifer will make sure all your questions are answered and your needs addressed. And when it comes to scheduling your job, Jennifer will be right there to help you.

Jennifer has a long history of being the backbone of business. She has extensive experience as an office manager and executive assistant in a number of industries including moving and storage, legal, human resources and technology.

Jennifer is a pro at serving the needs of the client, especially when it comes to your prized family positions and your valuable items. She knows that you have entrusted Mind’s Eye to care for your furniture or fine art and she’s always available when you need to check in on the status of your project.